4 comments on “Columbus and Cycling

  1. Thanks for the info! That’s great news

    I had heard talk of the plan, but after reading Bicycling magazine, I did a Google and found very little information on the plan. The last update I was able to find was when they were requesting feedback thru the survey. Even the city website had little info.

    Hope it’s the whopper mentioned in Bicycling!

  2. Streetcars & bike trails are awesome plans. And I suppose the governor biking to work is a nice gesture, but what Strickland & others should really look at is actively and in a timely fashion developing an infrastructure that shares roads & helps promote a safe environment for bicyclists. Since moving here in January, I have yet to ride down a single road without being forced to share lanes with automobiles; many of whom are rude, inattentive, & inconsiderate. I’ll admit I was slightly spoiled in San Francisco; almost every road had a designated bike lane, & those which did not had signs specifying full use of secondary lanes by bicyclists. I suppose that would be asking a lot from a city that’s struggling to implement a single rail line, let alone provide curbside recycling.

  3. The plan was announced yesterday, and the link above is now working. In all honesty, I have not had an opportunity to review the plan, so I will withhold comments.

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