2 comments on “Broadcasting Legend Dies

  1. We’ve lost a fair and intelligent voice for the greater good of us all. Tim was an extremely intelligent and fair investigator and commentator, striving always for the truth regarfdless if it agreed with his ideas or not. Tim’s passing struck both me and my husband so deeply, a true modern day warrior. Thank you Tim for all you’ve given. You will not be forgotten.

    To Tim’s family, having lost 3 or my own family members prematurely, I think I can understand just a bit what you’re all going through. However, this is YOUR time. Please know Tim was loved and will always be loved by the little people, like me. I am so very sorry for your unbelievable loss.

    I send my prayers to you.

  2. Very well said!

    I was so shocked and at such a loss for words when I heard the news I didnt know how to express the way I felt.

    Tim Russert was fair, intelligent, and a very class guy. He will be missed. He set a benchmark in broadcasting that will be hard for anyone to meet.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Tim’s family, as well as the staff of NBC news who all have been deeply moved by his premature passing.

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