2 comments on “Tense news conferece in Las Vegas

  1. What exactly is wrong with someone making a comeback and wanting to prove he can still do it. Greg was a great racer that I truely admired, but if he can’t come up with the proof positive that Lance cheated then quit beating the horse. I guess I can say Greg cheated if I don’t have to prove it and that is exactly what Greg is saying about Lance.

  2. There is nothing wrong with anyone making a comeback. I wish Lance the best.

    But, he has his doubters and needless to say, I am one of them.

    I’m old school, so to speak, and I have a great deal of respect for Greg Lemond. And I credit Greg’s win in 1986 for getting me involved in cycling.

    It’s obvious there is no love between Lance and Greg. Greg is perhaps a bit too outspoken but I think he is just trying to clean up the sport he loves.

    On the other hand, Greg’s successes and marketing abilities in the late 80’s ,in my opinion, has contributed to the mess cycling is in right now. Remember when he was the first million dollar rider, pedalling tacos for Taco Bell? Now we have riders with big egos, big paychecks, and increased pressure by sponsors to perform. To me, there may be too many pro’s racing for check instead of the real reason they should be…for love of the most beautiful sport in the world!

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