3 comments on “Why has cycling, especially racing, become so elitist?

  1. Amen!!!! i’m completely new to the cycling community, and I find almost everything about it elitist, from the cost of gear (really, should bike lights cost $50 when I can buy a decent flashlight for $5?) to the attitudes of people in cycling clubs. If I weren’t so determined to improve my triathlon times, I’d skip cycling altogether. Runners and swimmers are much friendlier and more inclusive.

  2. Agreed. Got back into serious cycling last year after a few years out of the game. Thought I’d join a local LBS group ride and got no response from their ride leader. Was out doing a 100k organized ride and ran across this group. Chatted up a few of their members who were friendly but others made it obvious that if you didn’t have the matching Jersey you weren’t welcome. They went as far as to fake a mechanical to try to get the few of us who weren’t members to move on. My guess is that Roll: bike store would be embarrassed by how teamroll: conducts itself.

  3. I am 34 a keen cyclist and have ridden on my own for many years. I made a decision to find out about joining a club, with the objective of meeting new people and sharing my enjoyment of cycling with like minded individuals. I went into one of the bike shops in Jersey to enquire about joining a club, I had my bike with me at he time. The owner explained that there were two clubs in the island and that one was very elitist and that I should join the other. I asked the owner to which he was a member and he said the former club. I had never imagined that a club member would be slagging off their own club to a potential member. To be honest I think he had seen me and my bike and made some form of judgement. I left the shop feeling dejected and devoid of any further interest in joining a club. I wrote to the president of the club in question voicing my disappointment. He replied and encouraged me to come along to one of the meetings. I have no interest in joining a club now and continue to ride alone.

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